About 4 years ago, I went to my very first 420 camping shindig. There were many different types of people there, from the young hipsters, to the long time old tokers. But the thing that really amazed me were the children. I did not Take my children as I didn’t think it appropriate. But others did. Some even took babies. Mary Jane is a family affair? I hardly think so. Walking around at about 2am, I saw this kid, unsupervised, dirty, looking either really sleepy, or quite possibly high from all the second hand pot smoke, standing in front of the bonfire. I felt so sorry for this child. I tried to approach him, he ran. I never saw him again.  While I am for natural medicines, I am NOT for events that allows children to be a part of them when they clearly should not be.  I have not been to another 420 event since, partly because I’m allergic to it (yes, it’s possible to be allergic to pot), and mostly because I just can’t condone irresponsibility.  (Don’t worry, I’m not a crazy protester, or will be standing on my soap box preaching of why I think it’s wrong, it’s just not right for me).   Ya’ll have at it if it’s your thing. 😉

Every so often I think of this child, say a little prayer and hope he is ok.


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