What Does it Mean to You?

What Does it Mean to You?

If my mother sees this, she isn’t going to be too happy. She doesn’t like this photo very much at all, because it’s just too “risque” but to me, it represents more than just sex. To me, it is a clear representation of vulnerability and It’s not meant to be vulgar. it’s meant to represent beauty, but also meant to represent some of the trauma I’ve experienced because some men don’t seem to know the difference between love and lust and what it means when a woman says no.

There is just something about this photo that I really like. Maybe it’s the mystery. Maybe its the beauty, Maybe it’s the sex. Hell it could even be the contrast of black and red. You decide. What you like best, or if you just don’t like it at all.


6 thoughts on “What Does it Mean to You?

  1. I totally hear what you’re saying. This photo did make me feel uncomfortable , but not because of its serialization. It brings up thoughts of uncomfortable vulnerability. I feel like this girl has probably had far too much to drink, and may wake up regretting the things she did the night before. I feel like this stands for all those stupid nights we’ve had as teens. It might not have ended quite like this photograph. But it might have felt the same

    • That’s exactly it! It tells a story of what may have happened to someone, what we may have done in our youth, or what some women may be going thru even now, as an older woman. Kind of appropriate, in a way, that I posted this pic on today of all days – Int’l Womens Day (according to Google anyway). It’s Almost like an homage to those women suffering daily.

      • what a coincidence! And yes, i feel like it stands for those nights of regret weve all had, be it sexual, or something completely different. I think everyone could relate in one way or another

  2. You mentioned one sentence which covers all of it . “..difference between love and lust..” This image you made will be more powerful in a kind of series where to express this sentence. I believe it is powerful and let others think about this ‘ avalon’ . I like it , well done , bart

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