My Town

My Town

This is a photo I took of my little town. The Chamber of Commerce liked it so much it’s on their website. One of my favourite things about my town is that it’s filled with beautiful murals like these. The shame of it all is that downtown Main St. is turning into a ghost town, with its empty storefronts. Rent increases and the new big box store developments are taking away from the old-world charm of this place. Makes me sad. In the meantime, I’ll photograph it all, and hope that one day, someone will see the value in small hometown feel and bring it all back to life.


2 thoughts on “My Town

    • Wow! I bet that was lovely. I am glad you have been thru Monroe! It’s changed quite a bit thru the years, and it’s growing more and more every year. I wish it was a “small town” again, I moved here for that reason!

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