On my way to Astoria

On my way to Astoria

Anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest, knows it’s a beautiful place to be. I don’t just mean Washington, I mean Oregon too. The mountains are dizzyingly high, majestic and very humbling. The oceans are vast, and the trees cover everything. I take pride in my home, and I can’t imagine living anywhere but here. Well, maybe Alaska. 😉 I took this shot on a road trip to Astoria, OR, to take my son back to school. (Astoria is where a few movies were shot – The Goonies and Kindergarten cop, and yes, we’ve visited the settings where they took place – I’ll post a pic of those at another time). This shot is just across the Oregon / Washington boarder, coming up the hill. I had to pause to get a shot. Not bad for a “Phone” photograph.


4 thoughts on “On my way to Astoria

    • I havent yet. Its on my list tho. My son goes to school down that way. So theres much more exploring to be done!

      • Okay, it’s a wonderful place. I also recommend reading the original edited journal of Meriwether Lewis. It’s not a long read, but is the most fascinating true story you’ll ever read. A fair portion of it is about the salmon tribes on the west side of the Rockies.

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