On warm days like this, when there’s nary a cloud in the sky, one of my favourite things to do is to get in the old car, and cruise. With the wind in my hair, and the radio blasting, it’s a great feeling. Then pulling into a little mom and pop hot dog or hamburger stand, and seein’ all the old guys smile because it takes em back to another time, when things were simple, really makes me proud. A young dame like me, rollin’ round in an old beast, they are usually impressed. Especially when I can recite verbatim what’s under the hood.

FYI – This is the inside of my 1974 Scamp, who was lovingly named “Ruby”, per my daughter because of the red interior. Unfortunately, I don’t have her anymore, I couldn’t afford to keep her. So, she had to go. One day, perhaps we will meet again.


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