Double-Shot Friday…Okay Triple. ;)

I have a tendency to post when things are really slow, or on my lunch break.  As of late, it’s been very hectic around here and today was no easier.  BUT! I am here, and posting some shots in memory of those brave men and women who have sacrificed for our country.  I know…I normally just post 2 shots on Fridays, but It’s an honour to post these, so I chose 3. I almost did 6, but figured I would save some for Independence Day.  

First up: My hometown.  In honour of anything country related, we put up flags all up and down Main St. I love it. So patriotic! 



Here is a close-up of one of those little flags.  Definitely one of my most favourite photos as it shows the colours of our flag AND has the “Main St” signage in the background. Gives it a definite small town, homey feel. Don’t you agree? 




And finally…the home where heroes rest.  Tahoma National Cemetery. My daddy is buried here, and so is my best friends father.  Each of these men died within 6 months of each other, both from different types of Cancer.  In honour of their service, I give you this photo. 






 I reflect on the long line of military personnel in my family, and even as my own sons get ready to enter the military (one in just a few short months, the other in about 2 years), I am honoured, humbled, blessed, and reminded of all you do. 

 Thank you, laid to rest Vets.  You are remembered this Memorial Day. 


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