Am I Blue?


A long time ago, I painted this. I panted this back when I was just starting to get my so-called sea legs. I was always sad, and was having a really hard time fighting depression. The good that came out of it, was that it brought me a lot of inspiration.  While I hate the downfall of what it does to me, I love the expression I get from it.

Somewhere along the way, I saw something quite similar to this drawing.  Inspiration comes from everywhere, so I decided to mimic it.  While the idea is not my own, I will say, that 100% without a doubt, this is MY painting.  I spent many hours making it right. It may seem a very simple piece, but in all actuality, I was going thru a lot and so it was not.  I originally painted it in red, but changed it up a bit and put it in blue. Ah, the technological marvels that is photographic editing software.

While I am not so blue any more, this piece is a good reminder of how easy the fall is into depression.  The trick is to not let it consume you.  While I’ll never be completely rid of my mental illness, but I’ve learned to cope without medication.  Expressing myself thru my art is a huge help.  If you suffer from depression, anxiety, bi-polar, please, keep fighting. It’s a tough fight, but don’t give up.


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