Zentangle Owl


Came home from a tough day at work, climbed into bed, created this.


2 thoughts on “Zentangle Owl

  1. So this is what you do for relaxation? (i dare not pose the question: so this is what you do to relax in bed?)

    The detail is immense and intense and delicate and interesting, and yet bold and in your face (at least from the picture presented). Does not seem like something that would relax me if i was drawing it. The eyes seem wound up, the mouth tight, but the swirls around the owl: do suggest daintiness and airiness and relaxation. Maybe you are the wound-up owl in the midst of the relaxing bed swirls? Too much analysis, I know, but it intrigued me for some reason.


    • Hello Randy! Thank you for your question. Let me see if I can shed some light on why this is relaxing for me.

      Since I have no partner, no one to share my life with, I have found other ways to relax in bed or elsewhere. No partner means no sex life, no one to bounce ideas or thoughts off, no one to really talk to on a deeper level. Because I have not had a partner for so long, I ended up very sad and depressed. This was no good for my already pre-determined genes that include depression. I had to find a release, one that did not include self-harm, pity, or anything else that’s considered counter-productive. I became an artist. I am not great by any means, but it’s something I found myself really, truly enjoying. Each line, every swirl, every tiny mark is a sad thought that was set free; a negative thought that needed to be removed from my head so that the positives can flourish and grow. The more intricate the design, the more that I needed to let go of. While some of my work may reflect so many weird little details, and almost a contradiction to what most people consider to be relaxing, it truly is because all my work comes from a place that needs growth. It’s almost like gardening. So, when I can’t sleep, or I need a form of relaxation, I tend my “garden”. Each piece is a reflection of that growth, and really I am the only one who understands the depth of that growth, because it is, for all intents and purposes, a personal one. I just like to share that growth with the world, because to me, it’s the best part of me that I have to offer. Why is release of negatives a best part of me? Simply because it creates such beauty, or at least, in my eyes it does. 😉

      I hope that answers your question…apologies for the lengthy response. Have a lovely day! ^_^

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