Cityscapes – Cee’s fun foto challenge

Here is the link to play along:

As usual, it’s damn near impossible for me to find just one piece to submit for these fun little challenges.  So, I’ll submit several.  I hope my submissions meet the expectations of the readers.

I have lived in so many different cities, it’s hard to say what would be a good fit.  I submit for your approval, cityscapes and structures:

 Funny story about the Gateway to the West arch; I took this while driving 65 MPH down the freeway, leaning over and just snapping my camera nonstop.  Remember, this was in the days of film, so 36 exposures was the max you got on a roll.  I prayed that I got at least one good shot, and I did!


This is an old city scape structure.  I used to pass this daily as I would walk to the bus stop.  I lived in New Kensington, PA at the time. As you can see, this building was painted over MANY times.  It always intrigued me, the different advertisements.


I believe this is the Opera house in SF, CA. I really liked the oval on the top, it reminded me of a thumbprint.


Wide view of Seattle, WA.  Note, this was before the wheel went in.  I would submit a space needle photo, but it’s been over-done.


I don’t know if my little town of Monroe counts as a city scape, but honestly, it’s about as close to a city as I want to get.


Another shot done in Seattle; I really liked the message on this wall:


Took this on a trip to SF, CA; probably one of my favourite shots because, well I got the cable car dead centre. Plus, there are soo many squares!


I hope you have enjoyed this post!


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