Drawings & Variations

As you may know, i draw to meditate. I usually do this in the form of Zentangle. While this is not true zentangle, it is very helpful in my “reset” process.

I finished the drawing…here is the original:


Then, I got the notion to play with the image, here’s variation #1:


Here’s variation #2. Of all of them, I dig this one the most:


Which one do you prefer?

Fun Foto Challenge – Industrial

Here’s the link to play:



I did a lot of my growing up in Bethlehem, PA.  Otherwise known as steel city usa because of the Bethlehem steel plant that everyone worked at.  Now, it’s no longer in use as such, but rather a casino.  I wasn’t fortunate enough to keep photos of it, they are all lost now.  But, where I currently live, there are remnants around town that kind of remind me of my old stompin’ grounds.

These tracks just stop. Mid-air.


This is the old carnation milk plant smoke stack; the only remnant left standing of the building that burnt to the ground, just a few weeks after opening:


The tracks that all intertwine…


And finally, the factory.  I’m not even sure what they “manufacture” here, but it stands alone, nonetheless.


I still miss the sound of the clanging metal late at night from the BSP.  For whatever reason, I found great comfort in hearing that.  It was only a few miles, just across the river from the projects we lived in, but the bright orange glow and the sound that emanated from that place was enough to lull me to sleep at night.  I’m glad to live in a place that invokes fond memories for me.