River Walk


Missing the Ocean

Missing the Ocean

Today, I miss the ocean. I miss its beauty, its vastness, its overwhelming ability to bring joy and peace into my life, and reset my psyche. There’s something forgiving, and restorative about becoming one with the earth, where the sea kisses its shores.

Posting this for the fun foto challenge for Cee’s blog. Love playing along, but the site won’t let me do what I need. So click this link if you want to play along.


Look Up – Reblogging for Photo Challenge: Mahogany

Sketchpad Studios

Wanted to repost this for the one-word challenge.  Here is the link.  Still, one of my favourite shots of architecture.  The wood was rich, the atmosphere learned, and I was in awe….

Here is the link to the challenge if you want to play along too:


Look Up

I took this on a class field trip with my daughter about 2 years ago now. It was the ceiling of a library at a higher learning institute in Seattle. I was in awe. I had not been to college, as raising a family was more important to me at that time of my life. Some days, I wish I could go to school. There’s so much I want to learn – from linguistics, photography, philosophy and theology. Then I think, I really believe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Not that 39 is old by any stretch…maybe one day.

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