Had a tooth extracted two days ago.  I’ve never had to had one as an adult before, I am pretty hardcore about taking care of my teeth.

During my time of pain and recovery, I decided to paint, just to see what would come out of me. (Seems I always do my better works when I’m in a state of emotional distress, so I wanted to experiment with physical distress).  Here is the product of that pain.  31899700_1895043340557854_6430628702920376320_o

Acrylic on 5×7 stretch canvas.


Seattle sites

Saw some cool things today in Seattle. Now that I work in town now, I’m finding things I have not seen before.


As an American, I have never been both ashamed and proud.

I’m proud of the people who work hard, and stand up for those who have been wronged. I’m saddened by the bullshit that keeps happening; shootings, prejudices, hate.

I’m proud of those who, despite all evils, still manage to stand up and do what’s right, regardless of that first gut instinct to run from danger but instead run towards it to protect the innocent.

I’m saddened by the leaders who can’t seem to get their heads out of their asses to do what’s best for us all, and not just for those with deep pockets.

I’m proud that I am from a military family, and that the tradition continues with my own children, but scared for their safety and the safety of all military & law enforcement personnel.

I wish we could remember the basics of what it means to be not just an American, but a good, decent, helpful, person and to do what’s right, despite the consequences.